POSSESSION RITUALS at the Brunswick Club

PosRit poster web

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on Mark Fisher

We were deeply saddened to hear that Mark Fisher, the cultural theorist, died last week.
When we were starting the Bioskop in early 2010 I went (almost randomly) to a talk by Mark on his recently published book Capitalist Realism. It was a shock – and a wake up call – and led on to discovering (belatedly) his blog k-punk, and Zero Books where he was commissioning editor at the time.

In the early 2010s Mark Fisher’s writing acted as a touchstone or a point of departure that could lead to discovering Hauntology (the futures that were imagined but didn’t come into being), Speculative Realism, Post Humanism, the dark Deleuzianism of Nick Land and the CCRU, the use of sci-fi as a jumping off point for understanding the present, Italian Autonomism and Bifo Berardi, and Accelerationism in its negative and positive sense. And – through Zero Books – to Nina Power’s One Dimensional Woman , Carl Neville’s Classless, Steven Shaviro’s brilliant introduction to Post Cinematic Affect, and Agata Pyzik’s Poor but Sexy. (to name some highlights)

One of the defining statements of Fisher’s Capitalist Realism is “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.”  Mark Fisher’s writing recognised that we are doomed to not having a future unless we understand the importance of our culture producing dreamingssuggestive glimmers of worlds radically different from the actually existing social order.”

Some great writing about Mark has appeared in the last few days, by friends and colleagues including this by Robin MacKay and this by David Stubbs.   A much longer version of this post with personal reflections can be found here.

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CAVERNS OF LOVE at Redcliffe Caves

Photos, video and background documenting this event are now up on the love page.

bioskop-love-03 small

So… What did happen after they lived happily ever after?

Forget first love, forget head over heels, forget the fluffy stuff, lets look at the glistening grit that lies at the centre of real relationships…  Come with the Bioskop deep into Redcliffe Caves on a cinematic journey and discover the answers to the questions you didn’t even want to ask…  A selection of nine short films and live music from Goldcrest.

Screenings at 7pm and 9pm. Tickets available at the cube website. Come along!

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mother’s milk

What is that? An inducer? What, did it fall off? / Ummm… How do you…? // Let me see that again… I think I have it. / Hey give me your arm. / Ummm… you know… when I was at school it was all very different. We used to stay in bed all the time. / Combined Primary Economics. / Combined Primary Economics was a bottle about this big. Took a week.
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My Best Thing

The Bioskop presents the UK cinema premiere of Frances Stark’s feature length animation My Best Thing at the Cube on Valentines Day, 14/2/13. Plus music from Mr_Hopkinson’s computer, and LTA (Live Timeline Actions) will be creating a deterritorialised performance on the stage. More details here, and we’ll be posting background to the film and event on our valentine page.

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WE ARE FAMILY – at the star and shadow

nb to see the programme of films we showed on the night go to the family page, here.

The bioskop is heading to the Star and Shadow in Newcastle on Thursday 21st January to screen a programme we’ve assembled of artist’s film, rare documentary, and short fiction  called WE ARE FAMILY.

As well as being the bioskop we’re very proud to be part of the collectively-run Cube Cinema , which is a kind of a sister cinema to the Star and Shadow.  The two cinemas are very similar in the way they work, active at opposite ands of the country but sharing a lot of ideological and organisational DNA.

We’ve never been to the Star and Shadow so we’re going to screen each of the films in a different room – hopefully including the bar, auditorium, office and smoking area – so that we and the audience get a chance to explore.

If you’ve ever been part of a collective (or any work organisation) you’ll know the experience is a mixture of friendship, arguments, politics, flirting, work and shirking, endless meetings, egos, emails, inspiration and disillusion (and vice versa), drinking, cleaning, boredom and fun.

Its basically like being part of a large dysfunctional family – hence the name of our programme, WE ARE FAMILY.  We’ve chosen a set of films that as well as being films we love, we think reflect a bit of that experience…

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bioskop vs Sheri Guywin vs LTA

The bioskop went along to the Bring Your Own Beamer event at Spike Island on Friday 29/10/12. Here’s a rough chop of some of the footage from the night –

thanks to Gemma, Helen, David and Jem

Below are stills from an instructional video the bioskop made so that audience members could step into the light beam and perform with sheri guywin (our take on Guy Sherwin’s Man With Mirror).  Bioskop friends LTA (Live Timeline Actions) hooked up a broadcast system so that instructions could be passed onto the performers via headsets.

In the event things were a lot less technological, and more physical; the noise in the gallery meant that the headphones were inaudible – so instead we shouted out the instructions…

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bioskop at the film exercise

In October the bioskop were invited to curate an edition of Bridget Crone and Al Cameron’s excellent Film Exercise. We put together a programme of six films and a live performance – chosen for an off-site location under Bristol city centre…

Stills from Lucy Gunning’s Climbing Round my Room, the Lumiere Brothers’ Barque sortant du Porte, Iggy Pop on the Tom Snyder Show 1981, Sheri Guywin performing Wo/man with mirror, Bureau of Inverse Technology’s BIT Plane, and a BBC public information film

We’ve posted articles, photos, the films shown, performance footage… and the saga of the location(s) on the institution page of this site.

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VAGABOND CINEMA 2 – Sunday August 26th

The Bioskop’s mysterious drifting cinema returns (with a new generator) for a free! secret event starting at 7.30pm/sunset on Sunday 26th August – VAGABOND 2.

The main film we’ll be showing has been chosen by bioskop friend Sophie Mellor . We’ll be screening it under the trees in one of Bristol’s many non-places…

We’ll post directions for how to get to the event, on this page on the day.
If you want to get an email with the location – drop us a line at bioskop@cubecinema.com.

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We’re going to be at a festival in early August.

The Bioskop aren’t too sure about Festivals.  They seem to have morphed into gated communites/malls for middle class people on un-inspiring drugs.

However this one looks a bit better than most, and its a good chance for us to try out some of our ideas on an incapacitated audience.  See you there …

left : festival 1975     right : festival 2012

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